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Welcome to our Posting Guidelines. This document contains examples of inappropriate posts and suggestions and procedures for the same post using different verbiage. In some cases, this document contains examples of posts that are never acceptable, regardless of their verbiage, tone, or intent. Please read this entire document carefully and refer to it often, as we continue to add new examples. Inappropriate posts and this Posting Guideline are subject to our Rules and Terms & Conditions. Read what our Members think of geek/talk.

Member Post:
I want to learn how to cheat. We deserve it.
Member Post: I'm writing a term paper on cheating. Can you help.
Member Post: Thanks for being brave enough to ask about cheating.
Member Post: Cheating is cool
Member Post: Cheating is good for my vision so here is how you can earn more money (a joke)
Member Post: Cheating is legal in my country. How can I improve my CPC.

geek/talk Response: All of these posts are inappropriate. Member banned.

Member Post:
Come join my new affiliate program at [affiliate URL]
Member Signature: Come join my new affiliate program at [affiliate URL]
Member Profile: Uses an affiliate link URL
Member Post: Thought you guys would find this interesting. Join and try [affiliate URL]
Merchant Member Makes Frequent Posts: "We accept sites like yours if they......" or "We can run banners in our Network which are ....." or "See my signature...."

geek/talk Response: All of these posts are inappropriate. Member banned.

Member Post:
You s--u--c-k I think you *****
Member Post: I'm having a bad day GEEKS You ALL suck I think you *****
Member Post: I just got my payment from ***** (Topic starter - shill post)
Member Post: F-u-n-k-y Affiliates Network always pays and is a fantastic company.
Merchant Member Post: JoeDucky cheated my affiliate program. SallySlut has a website at <insert url> which violates the TOS of my affiliate program. LoneRanger sent me this email which explains why he cheated me <insert email>.

geek/talk Response: All of these posts are inappropriate and will result in a ban for the rest of your life. We love our Merchant members but refuse to serve as a place for you to expose, denigrate, flame, document, or attack your affiliates. These issues must be handled privately. Post which either attempt to subvert our profanity filter or are caught by the filter are not permitted. Please note that this filter also contains names and or words related to companies and or individuals who have abused geek/talk and or slandered my name and or told untruths. We all have "bad days". If you are having a bad day go to the beach and take a long walk, visit a newsgroup and vent, take a nap, or consider a long talk with a trusted friend, husband, wife, girlfriend, or rehab counselor. Member banned.

Member Post:
I have a first amendment right to call you a *****
Member Post: I have a first amendment right to say and do whatever I want on this BB. So dude, get ******
Member Post: I run a board and have zillions of hits. So dude, get ******
Member Post: I have a browser so I can do whatever I want on your BB. I also have a mouse which means I can do even more. All the other BB I post at let me do stuff like this which I mean, this BB can ***** ****

geek/talk Response: You have no first amendment rights on this BB. Profanity filter activated. Owning a browser or a mouse gives you no rights on this BB. Actions on other BB don't govern our Rules or procedures. How you run your BB is entirely up to you and won't govern our rules or procedures. For any of these types of posts you are banned.

Member Post:
xxx merchant program NO PAY
Member Post: xxx merchant program a s-c- a-m-
Member Post: xxx merchant program terminate me for no reason
Member Topic Headline: xxx merchant program CHEAT ME
Member Topic Headline: xxx are a bunch of CROOKS
Merchant Member Response Post: You are a cheater
Merchant Member Response Post: We don't pay cheaters
Merchant Member Response Post: We sent you email but it bounced. This means you ***
The thread continues with each side venting, exposing, and using our BB as a platform for their disputes and personal agendas.

geek/talk Response: Our mission is to place merchant/vendor Members and Webmaster Members side by side, so they can help each other with meaningful dialog delivered in the appropriate manner. You are unlikely to find our volume and quality of posts in our Making Money Forum anywhere else on the Web. Don't believe me? Go look. We know with absolute certainty that many abusive posts by Webmaster Members are made by "cheaters", "abusers", and or competitors masquerading as a Webmaster. Merchant/vendor Members must have an opportunity to respond to a legitimate issue. They are also Members and have the same rights, duties and obligations as any other Member. Our procedure for these types of issues is very easy to understand and any Member with a legitimate complaint will be happy to comply. Please do not post until you have made reasonable efforts to contact the merchant/vendor and resolve the issue privately, including giving the company a reasonable time to respond. Normally 3 to 5 business days between multiple contact efforts. If we determine that you have not given the merchant a reasonable time to respond and or have not tried to contact the merchant more than once via phone, email, and fax, you will be immediately banned for abusing this complaint procedure. You must include in your post the exact nature and timing of your contact efforts.

These complaint procedures are ONLY for non payment issues. They should NOT be used for: support issues, getting a quicker response, solving your technical/reporting problems, and any other issues that do not involve money owed. Civil dialog between Webmasters and Merchants is encouraged and often results in fixes/tweaks and a better realtionship for both parties. Unfortunetly, a small number of members abuse this relationship and the visibilty of geek/talk. Any repeated attempts (numerous posts that deal with the same/similar issue after the merchant has responded) to turn geek/talk into a support Forum for your issues will result in your immediate banning. Saying this another way: if the merchant has responded and you still aren't satisfied with the relationship, contact the merchant privately via email, phone, the merchants BB, and or fax. If this doesn't make you happy, remove the code and find another Merchant, rather than "beating a dead horse" and abusing geek/talk.

If you don't want to comply, tolerate these procedures, or think they have no value for the majority of members of our Community, please immediately leave geek/talk.

Please Follow These Exact Procedures

If any of this data is NOT in the first post and is not 100% complete we will immediately lock the thread and move it off the Public BB. The concerned members are immediately banned and we will invoke the rest of our abuse procedures. Please copy and paste this data into your initial post and complete each item accurately and completely. Please double check your data BEFORE you click Submit.

Webmaster member procedure for your FIRST post:

1) The New Topic Subject field must say: "Complaint: xxx Company Name"
2) Your complete and full real name
3) The exact URL of your site where this issue occurred
Note: Adult links or gateways to same are not permitted. Contact the vendor privately. If your site is down your post is deleted and you are banned. Your site MUST resolve via a browser.
4) Your email address of record with the vendor in question
5) The exact nature and timing of your contact efforts via email and or phone.
6) The exact nature of your complaint. Devoid of profanity, efforts to defeat our filter, with your own facts and not here say. Please be civil, very specific, and adhere to our Posting Guidelines and our Rules.

Merchant/vendor member procedure for your FIRST post:

1) Your complete and full real name
2) Your position and title and company name with the company in question
3) The exact URL of your site
4) Your email address or company email address for resolution
5) Your response. Devoid of profanity, efforts to humiliate, abuse, attack etc. Details of your contact efforts. If YOU know from first hand knowledge that the member is a "cheater" or violated your rules then simply state this once if you are so inclined. Or tell them to contact you privately.

This is THE END of the dialog. A single response from both sides. After that it's taken up in private via private email. Additional comments in the Complaint thread and or continuing to "beat a dead horse" with snide, insulting, or negative comments by either side are never appropriate and will not be tolerated. Please remember that all of this data must be in your FIRST post. Data in your profile, the back seat of your car, your signature, your computers hard disk, or your best friends desk is never appropriate and does not eliminate the requirements. If a vendor responds with no record or similar verbiage the Webmaster Member is banned.

If you are not a party to the issue, but wish to add positive comments to the thread to help both parties, please do so. If you are not a party to the issue (you did not start the specific Complaint topic), and wish to post your own negative comments, YOU MUST START A NEW THREAD AND FOLLOW ALL OF THE PROCEDURES OUTLINED ABOVE.

Member Post:
You ask me to review your site. It stinks
Member Post: Your affiliate rules look fishy
Member Post: Don't host with xxx hosting
Member Post: I no like your script

geek/talk Response: All of these posts lack detail and specifics. We are here to help each other with meaningful and civil dialog. You can't do this without details. Some of these types of comments are often made to "bait", stir the pot, start flame wars, or add excitement. In these cases you are banned. Some appropriate posts:

Your site loads very slowly. I cant read the dark red text against a black background.
Your rules have a zillon spelking mistakes.
Your rules never mention when you pay.
xxx hosting company has slow servers and takes a week to answer email

Your script costs to much. $90 for a feedback form is bad

Member Topic Headline:
Member Topic Headline: They lower CPM so xxx vendor is a *****
Member Topic Headline: xxx cut down CPC rate. Bait and switch
Member Screen Name: Iamcheater
or allofyouxxxx

geek/talk Response: Don't use IMPORTANT or a lot of upper case words in your topic title. All our post are important. Consider a typing course at your local college or switching to decaf. Using profanity and or subverting our filter anywhere on this BB is a violation of our Rules and you are banned. While we may share your frustration at lower CPMs or CPC, don't resort to "venting" on this BB. Go back to the vendors BB and vent if they permit it or send the vendor some vent email if they permit it. State your case in a business like manner and we will all try and help. Screen names which are offensive and or contain profanity or an effort to subvert our filter are never permitted.

8: Feedback Procedure
All questions and or comments on this document, your membership in geek/talk, our BB, our Rules & Procedures, or how we run geek/talk should only use our Feedback Form. We do not respond to email on these issues.
Any violation of this procedure will result in the immediate termination of your membership and additional abuse procedures. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

9: TheftWare & Hijacking Member Notice
We have two Forums (StopScum & StopScum Screen Captures) devoted to fighting and eliminating Contextual Advertising aka TheftWare and it's negative financial and moral implications for all Merchants and Publishers. My StopScum site is also devoted to fighting this issue. Some folks like to use the words "Predatory Advertising" or ScumWare to describe this. Our definition for all of these terms is: any individual and or company who is directly or indirectly engaged in a method/technology which creates/distributes and or overlays links, banners, popups, new windows, and any other method/technology to generate traffic from a web site without that web site owner's prior written permission and these methods do not share any of their revenue with the site owners. In some cases, they alter the contents of a PG site with Adult and or Gambling links which the owner of the site would never permit. Other methods include popping an advertisement over other people's websites, without their permission or revenue sharing.

Blockers: We don't like them but understand the reasons which motivate you to use pop blockers. Inspite of our distaste for pop blockers, we respect your rights to use this technology and will never "force" a pop on you. Please turn your blocker off when you visit this site or any other site which we own. This insures our survival.

Hijacking Surfers: We consider Hijacking the same as an "exploit and our procedures are exactly the same. If "you" use, create, or benefit from the use of JavaScript, ActiveX, or any language, technology, or procedure to modify a surfers/visitors browser settings, download files to the users hard disk, and or edit the users registry, without their prior express permission BEFORE you do this, we consider you a "Hijacker/Exploiter". This means you have NOT provided a clear and detailed notice, the user has NOT granted you permission to do this, and an option to deny this procedure, then you and your site are charter members of the "Hijacker/Exploiter" club. We find all of these actions morally and ethically reprehensible.

Given the complexity of this issue and determining exactly who is involved, our procedures for any Member who is directly or indirectly engaged in TheftWare and or Hijacking may be one and or all of the following:

1) You will be immediately banned and all your posts removed from geek/talk. Please note, we do not issue warnings. This action is not negotiable and we will not respond to your emails and or form submissions on our actions.

2) We may ask you to explain your procedures in a post which other members may read and fully disclose the details of your technology and procedures.

3) We may conduct our own private investigation on your procedures and techniques and arrive at our own conclusions. We may or may not take action.

10: Traffic Extraction - Advertising
Thousands of dollars changes hands every week as a result of relationships established in geek/talk. We are happy to provide this environment as long as it's fair to all parties. Their are three acceptable methods to advertise on geek/talk and all of them require payment. Visit our Advertising page to purchase your banner campaign, purchase 100K impressions for $49.95, or place a topic advertisement in our Barter/Trade, Buy, & Sell Forum for $9.95.

11: Free Advertising Forums
Our Website For Sale - Purchase - Barter - Trade Forum and our Barter/Trade Links Forum permit a single free Topic Post every 30 days subject to the Sticky/Important/Read Me topics at the top of each Forum. Please carefully read these instructions before you post.

Both of these Forums have become an administrative nightmare. Here are the most frequently violated Rules which always result in a permanent lifetime ban without warning and please don't bother writing us:

1. Multiple Topic/Threads within a 30 day period. This ain't Ebay and it's Free.
2. Pushing posts. This is rude. Try a newsgroup like alt.flame.abuser.
3. Hijacking threads. Start your own compliant thread.
4. Not enough data in the post. ALL the data MUST be in your post. This ain't Ebay.
5. Traffic extraction to either the posters site and or Ebay. Pay to advertise or leave.
6. Adult domains, adult link trades, and adult domain name sales. This is a Mainstream site and NOT "Porn City".
7. Posts in our Website For Sale Forum which are NOT a sale or purchase of a website. Is the name and description of this Forum plus the sticky posts not clear enough for you? Your post must be a 100% pure Website sale or purchase. If it's not, please visit our
Advertising page.
8. A few members "trash" and or undermine other parties sales and or purchases. These remarks are often insulting, self serving, lack civility, of a trolling nature, and undermine and dilute our Culture. These kinds of posts will not be tolerated. They normally are statements, questions, comments, sarcasm. A few examples for your reading pleasure:

DUDE! No way!
Your site is not worth 15K. It's worth about $1.00
YEA! This means my site is worth 4K :)
Is <site name>a joke Site?
http://www.sitename .com - $20,000?
Your buyer paid to much!
Template sites have NO value!
You askie to much!

I have a headache and my girlfriend would not engage in xxxxx last night so your site is JUNK!


On Topic questions and or comments which are delivered in a VERY civil and respectful manner are encouraged. They often help all of us understand a deal.

2. If you have nothing positive to say and you can't express yourself in a VERY civil and respectful manner, then please don't post. For example, consider how much better the following post is:

Neat looking site. How did you determine a value of 15K? Most sites in your space sell for about 12 times monthly gross revenue which equates to 5K in your case?

3. DUDE! The asking price and sell price are between the buyer and seller. This is the Internet and last time I checked their is no law which prohibits a seller asking 25K for a site which is normally valued at 1K. The majority of our members already know this so we aren't interested and or impressed in reading your "trash" post.

4. Place yourself in the "shoes" of the seller before you post. Someday you may wish to sell a site although the majority of abuse comes from folks who either have blank profiles or never try and sell a site.

5. Selling a site ain't rocket science! Copy and paste the required data template which we have provided into your Topic/Post and fill in all the data.

6. Learning how to buy and or sell a site inside a real thread posted by another party is NOT what we are about and accounts for some of the abuse. Read this article to learn more: How To Purchase or Sell a developed Web Site. Drop over to our Business Principles Forum and we will be happy to help you learn about this stuff. Your questions and or comments should NOT refer (Directly or Indirectly) to a specific deal. For example: How do I determine "Uniques" from the sellers stats program?

7. Please DO NOT post your Google AdSense data anywhere on these Forums. This action violates their TOS and may result in the suspension of your Google AdSense account.

Finally, if you can't see the value in any of these Rules, Procedures, and the spirit of same or you just don't know what to do then we suggest:

Properly submit our BB Feedback Form before you post. Include your civil and respectful questions and or comments and we will try and guide you. Some additional options for you to consider:

Leave and never return
Point your browser to alt.flame.abuser
Start your own Board and run it any way you wish

Any posts which offer to barter/trade, buy, sell, announce, survey, or extract traffic is forbidden anywhere else in the geek/talk Forums.

Non compliant posts in any of our Forums will be removed and the member immediately banned. Please note, we do not issue warnings.

Editorial Notes:
Parts of this document use humor, sarcasm, spelling mistakes, and other "styles" to accurately convey the mood, tone, and posts on geek/talk. This presents a more realistic picture of our Community. It is not meant to trivialize these important issues or offend you.


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