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geek/Gallery Help - Tips - Rules

Welcome. Our mission is to provide a quality and mainstream Community Gallery for our members. We hope you find our geek/Gallery a valuable addition to your Community experience. Please take a few minutes to read this document. Enjoy!

1. What file formats are supported?


.swf (Flash)

2. PhotoShop 7 tips

Always use File >> Save for Web

3. Image/Photos File Preparation

Color Space: RGB
Color Depth: Maximum of 24 bit
DPI/PPI is always 72
geek/Gallery automatically creates your thumbnail image
Upload your full size image only
Overlay your own Copyright text on your image. See this example in a new window.

4. Multimedia File Preparation

Please prepare your own thumbnail image. Maximum size is 100x100. Our default thumbnail may not suit your taste
These files can be huge. Please pay carefull attention to your storage/file size limits on the Image Upload screen.
We suggest you use a live area of no larger than 320x160.

5. Quick help for uploading your images

Make sure you are loged in
Click the GeekVillage Member Gallery category link on our home page
Click the Album Admin link on the top left of your screen
Click the Add Album link to create your Album
Complete the 2 fields and click the Ad Album button
Click the Upload Photos link on the top right
Make sure that the Choose a category drop down which points to your Album
NOTE: All uploaded images are moderated. You will not see your image in geek/Gallery untill we approve it. All you will see is a placeholder which reads "Image Pending Approval".

6. Our Image Upload Screen

Please complete all the fields in the first section
(Optional) The URL of your web site: field should contain "" and not HTML code. This will become a clickable link.
(Optional) Email address:
The Protect your image with a © notice: field should contain your own Copyright notice and not ours
Pay careful attention to your Disk space allowances

7. Neat features you may have missed

You can send Ecards
You can Email your Gallery Link to a friend
You can rate images
Report Photo - Help us maintain our quality Gallery
Edit Photo: rotate, flip, flop, rebuild thumbnail

8. What kind of images are appropriate?

Images which are suitable for a mainstream Community. Images which you own and or have "rights" to use. This means that the following types of images are never permitted: nudes, stolen/borrowed images, breast shots, very very skimpy bathing suits, any image which depicts cruelty and or inappropriate behavior. All images are "moderated" by a team of geeks to insure compliance. You will not see your image in geek/Gallery untill we approve it. All you will see is a placeholder which reads "Image Pending Approval". If you are not sure about your image, please do not post it. Please use this form and include a URL on your site where we may examine your image.

Our geek/Gallery does send email to you. If this bothers you, please do not post or upload your images. All your membership details including your email address are confidential in nature and will never be released to a third party. We reserve the absolute right to email you with site news items and other helpfull content. These emails may contain advertising.

9. What happens if I'm a naughty geek?

Any of the following actions will result in our immediate termination/banning of your account and all your images. Please note, we do not issue warnings, the ban is for life, and includes our geek/talk Forums and Webmaster Directory.

Uploading inappropriate images
Using affiliate links anywhere in our geek/Gallery
Making inappropriate posts
Using any of our services to SPAM
Stealing images from others and uploading them to our Gallery. You must own and or have the "rights" to use your image in our Gallery. Complaints from owners of images should use this form to notify us. Please include proof of your ownership and complete details.

10. Who owns the images in geek/Gallery?

Our Registered Members continue to retain all rights and privileges to the images which they upload. You are only granting us rights/permission to use your images in our Gallery and or use them to promote our Gallery throughout our sites. Your credit and ownership data will always appear. Please protect your images with a suitable © notice overlayed on your image. See this example in a new window. We are not responsible if someone steals/borrows your image from our geek/Gallery. If any of these procedures bother you, please don't upload any images.

11. Browsers - Operating Systems - Support

Some Multimedia files may require the appropriate browser plugin or application on your computer. Supported browsers: IE 6.x and Netscape 7.x. Supported OS is Windows since we are unable to perform testing on other flavors of operating systems.

Support and help for our geek/Gallery is only available on our geek/talk Forums @ We do not respond to emails, form submissions, and or posts on our geek/Gallery. Any of these types of posts on our geek/Gallery will be removed with no responce.

Pleasse only post your support request in our geek/talk Forums @ and include all of the following data in your post:

a. Complete file name of your image (All lower case with the appropriate supported exstension
b. Color depth (Should be RGB and NOT CMYK)
c. Resolution/DPI/PPI (Should be 72 and NOT 300)
d. The name and version number of the application which created your image
e. The complete name and version number of your Operating System and platform
f. The exact error message you are recieving

12. How do I register for geek/Gallery?

It's easy and free. Join our geek/talk Forums at This is the only way to register.

13. Final thoughts

Please consider this document binding along with our geek/talk Forum Rules which apply to our geek/Gallery. It is subject to change at our sole and absolute discretion. We reserve the right to change, alter, or eliminate our geek/Gallery anytime we wish. Please surf back to insure you read and understand this stuff. Enjoy :)

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