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04-27-1999, 04:41 PM
Regarding Ad Wave

I've sent em a few webmaster click thrus recently (50 in last week or two), and only 1's been approved.

Anyway what struck me as interesting is somebody I've since got to know (only by e-mail - a net friend who got in touch with me originally thru my e-mail address on my site) told me was rejected, and then e-mailed me today to say he got e-mail from Teknosurf telling him to reapply.

I haven't seen the e-mail (so maybe it was Affiliate Wave they asked him to join).

Anyway the point is

(1) I expect I wouldn't get credit for somebody like that [not too worried about loosing a few referrals - provided I get some, though it would be nice if I did get all/most of them]


(2) John Ferber told me recently that Teknosurf is always accepting new sites if they fit their advertisers needs'. So does anybody have a better idea of what sort of sites Teknosurf wants and approves first time. I'd rather try and send them targetted traffic (better for them and me) than just send them random webmasters who they won't accept anyway.

(3) For people who don't get into Teknosurf, if they want a pay-per-click what should I recommend ? I was thinking of ClickAgents. Is this a good choice ? I did consider ValueClick but they want me to display their banners before I can refer anybody, and I have too many banners already and I'm happy with the ones I already use (I want to target banners myself rather than let somebody else's rotation do it for me).

ValueClick and ClickAgents both seem pretty good to me (I've read Ryan's reviews, plus info on their sites). I'm waiting on an e-mail response from ClickAgents.

Incidentally the reason I think ClickAgents match my visitors is most of the 10% who aren't US or Canada are UK visitors, so I figure the fact that Clicktrade pay in $ or is better for the "average" visitor to my site.

Of course I (think) I can join ClickAgents and get referrals, so there's self-interest here too. However I wouldn't want to take it to the extreme of recommending a program just for that reason.

Any comments, feedback, suggestions appreciated.

If John Ferber is reading, thanks for responding to the e-mail I sent you before (wow you were quick), but I don't want to keep bugging you un-necessarily for a relatively small number of clicks. However if you have a moment I'd love to hear an "official" answer to #2