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04-24-1999, 01:36 PM
I just signed up for thier program. I noticed that they don't review your site before you are accepted. This I think is kind of odd.

The only other click through program that I know does this is Cyber Thrill. And we all know about them.

But you never know. At least you can find out after $10 and don't have to wait months to accumulater $50-$100 or something.

04-24-1999, 07:46 PM
If I were you both I won't even bother with Zone Blaster. I advertise their banner for about 1 month with ONLY 3 click-through and my site draw about 50 visiters per day.

They only have one affiliate with the same banner shown over and over again which don't attract any customer and make the program weak. If you're looking for a pay per click base program I suggest Click Agent.

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04-24-1999, 11:38 PM
Hi !
I just want an advice from somebody who knows www.zoneblaster.com program . It promises 10 per unique click and it advertises a nice product so I would like to know if they are legit .


Nicolas Lauzier

04-25-1999, 02:47 AM
Ok, there are several things wrong with the program (that I can see without signing up, which I have no intention of doing)

A) They pay UPTO $0.10 but pay only $0.03 to Level C sites and $0.07 to Level B sites. I could have missed it, but I didn't see any definition of these levels

B) They are basically getting advertising for free off most sites. For untargeted banners, most sites are likely to pull 0.5%-1% click-through at best. This means that a Level A site ($0.10 per click) has to show 10,000-20,000 banners to reach $10. A Level B site will need to show 14,300-28,600 banners to reach $10. And the hapless Level C sites would have to show 33,333-66,666 banners to accumulate $10. For the small sites that are likely to join their program (let's face it, larger sites can do much better with more established programs) that amount of banner impressions may never come.

C) The pages looked very unprofessional and the wording was dubious

D) Their comment about sifting multiple clicks from the same IP address out of their logs manually rang loud alarm bells for me. For instance, they might (for a higher traffic site) turn up 50 clicks from the same IP address if that was one of the main IP addresses used by AOL. How can somebody glancing at a log file do anything more than GUESS if they are the same people or not.

For all those reasons, I would advise strong caution.


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