View Full Version : Guarentee 100,000 hits a month?????

04-24-1999, 01:33 AM

I have seen a lot of those promises of 100,000 to 1 million hits a month by using their banner or link exchange. You know those places where you agree to display 6 banners on your site and you get people to sign up under you and your banner gets displayed on their sites and any other sites that get sign up under the person that originally sign up under you. I personally think that this is highlt unlikely to work!!

Has anyone ever found success with those services??? Or does anyone has any opinion at all about it???

04-24-1999, 06:52 AM

I would not waste my time with them. Surfers generally ignore banner ads. And with your banner with 5 others I think that it is unlikely that it would generate enogh click-throughs to make it worth it. You would be better offer using that space for an affiliate program that relates to your content.

www.CreditClicks.com (http://www.CreditClicks.com)

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04-25-1999, 02:37 AM
It's a banner version of the "Make Money Fast" meme that has been around the Web for ages... basically a **** that's not worth spending 30 seconds on.


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