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04-05-1999, 04:25 AM
I think that this new program is great. Go to:


They pay you 50 cents an hour that you surf the web, and 10 cents an hour per every hour
per every person that you refered and 5 cents an hour for every person he referred and so on

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04-05-1999, 05:58 AM
Palo Alto, Calif.—March 30, AllAdvantage.com announced a new service
today that pays Internet users to be online in exchange for putting the AllAdvantage.com Viewbar™ at the bottom of their browser window when surfing. Free registration is available at www.alladvantage.com beginning today.

This program is so new that the rules are vague, (sound too good to be true???), and the "real" program will start in 3-6 weeks???

"You can join now and start building your referral group today. The Viewbar™ will be available for download in 3-6 weeks."

I think I'll wait the 3 to 6 weeks to see what it is I'd be signing up for? No?

04-05-1999, 10:36 AM
I'm way too skeptical about this program. Sounds way too good to be true especially for webmasters. Webmaster can make thousands with this program even if they don't have high traffic. First of all the program doesing start till another month. Which makes me wonder if they actually found any advertisers yet??? Second of all even if it does become active I think the program will end very soon because of the lack of people click on the viewbars. I don't believe that too many people would put the viewbar on to look at the pretty banners rotate and click on it to see their offers. Most people will leave the viewbar on overnight while they download warez. This is just my 2 cents. I don't think webmasters should advertise for them too heavily yet(but I already seen that happen too much already) or they might be sorry they did.

04-05-1999, 11:52 PM
Good points Ericy

Other issues :-
1. From their site
"and finally, you will only get credit for the hours of members in your referral group up to the number of hours that you actively used the Viewbar™ during that particular month."
- i.e. you have to use it too!
- Also I think this paragraph can also be read two ways. Either if you use it 40 hrs, the max you get paid is 40hrs for all referrals (TOTAL i.e. 40 X $0.10 = $4) or 40hrs for each referral (TOTAL 40 X $0.10 X n-people = $$$ )
- what does "actively used" mean ? Think about it.

2. I don't see a telephone number or postal address on their site including on the press release - maybe I missed it (?). (there is an address for rolling-thunder on the press release who presumably did the release - as they are a PR/media type company).

Well maybe I'm too much of a cynic (I would love to be corrected). But there's my $0.02

04-06-1999, 04:14 PM
Hey guys,
i have been hearing a lot about this too, and i was not sure whether or not to believe it. Its circulating big time around my high school, and its spreading a like a forest fire. They claim to pay you for your time on the web - 50 cents accoriding to my friends. Then you can also, earn 10 cents for direct referrals, and then 5 cents up to three more levels! It just doesnt seem right!!!

How can they pay so much money out!? We all now how unseccessful banner ads are!

Also my friends say that you have a limit of about 20 bucks a month. Another says 25! they all say that it works. Another person has also said that its a limit of 40 HOURS - i dont really know. I have only heard rumours.

I think alladvantage is going to crash in a few weeks, they cant possibly keep it up! meanwhiile all my friends are jumping madly over each other to refer skeptics like me, as well as people who have never even used the internet. Why? coz about 60% of our school has signed up! and not a SINGLE person i know has recieved the software, let alone a check!!

I think i'll stick to programs like mypoints for now!!

04-06-1999, 06:23 PM
RE:How can they pay so much money out!?

Good question!

RE:about 60% of our school has signed up! and not a SINGLE person i know has recieved the software, let alone a check!!

This is the best case of hype to hit the net in awhile. I'm with you, How can they pay so much money out!?

04-07-1999, 03:20 AM
I now don't know whether to believe it or not, but if they do really pay you, I think it's too good to miss out on.

04-07-1999, 10:41 AM

I check out their site. It seems that they don't even have a business address nor a telephone number. It's owned by someone name James Jorgensen.

Heres the domain record:

James Jorgensen (ALLADVANTAGE-DOM)
101 First Street #586
Los Altos, CA 94022

If anyone knows if this is an apartment or business building please let us know

04-07-1999, 01:11 PM
The only news on the web about these guys is what the news services clipped from their press releases (The only references to the owners is made below).

The company was founded in February 1999
by four partners, including Jim Jorgensen, a co-founder and former CEO of Discovery Zone.

AllAdvantage.com, based in Los Altos, Calif., is run by Jim Jorgenson, who co-founded Discovery Zone children's indoor playgrounds.

Here's an article about Discovery Zone's Banruptcy, but makes no mention of Jorgensen;
www.newstimes.com/archive96/dec1896/bzg.htm (http://www.newstimes.com/archive96/dec1896/bzg.htm)

I'd like to know what happened to him at Discovery Zone!

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Hold on. here's the only real "press" article I found on them:

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04-18-1999, 06:46 PM

Has anyone received an email from them yet, saying their program is ready yet? Also, any new + or - info on them? Thanks.


04-20-1999, 01:01 PM

Did you read Ryan's thoughts on the matter?


Pretty much confirms my "sound too good to be true" feelings!