View Full Version : Does Safe-Audit Still Exist?

04-18-1999, 04:18 AM
I am a member of safe-audit program. When I go to safe-audit.com a little window comes up in by browser saying that the URL I entered doesn't exist. It might just be network down time, I hope it is. Mabey it's just my browser (MIE 4.0) although I have never had this problem before. Please repond if your having the same problem! :-(


04-18-1999, 05:37 AM
I went there and i got this message.
"Sorry! Our servers are being worked on at the moment, normal operation is due to resume at 2PM US EST.
- safe-audit tech.dept."
Speaking of safe, do you have any signups for Fortune city? i have tons of clickthrough but no confirmed registration.

04-18-1999, 05:43 AM
I have about 150-250 exposures a day and about 80% of those that view my popup sign up for the service. Safe-Audit allows popups on pay-per-signup program. Thats what I have. I suggest that you put a popup on your site, it will generate you lots of extra cash. I know a great program that gererates popups and is written by my friend Jamie Schriber.


04-18-1999, 07:32 AM
I just signed up for Fortune City through my own banner (to test if it works), but it still says i dont have any registrations from safe. I dont know what happened. BUt all i saw was a big zero even though i just signed up for it.
ANyone can helP?

04-18-1999, 12:34 PM
I promote a lot of Fortune City last month and got about 25 registration. I haven't promote their banner this month so I don't know it works or not but I think it work.