View Full Version : Is it just me or is everyone else's cybergold stats much lower??

04-16-1999, 09:38 PM
How's well everyone doing with their cybergold stats?? Mines is very much lowered.

04-17-1999, 02:06 AM
About the same I'd guess

04-17-1999, 03:05 AM
mine is A LOT lower. I used to get about 300-400 signups per month. But now two weeks into april, i only have about 35!! I get new visitors daily so its not because of that. I dont know why. The clickthrough shows about 250 hits but only 35 signups. Hmm..

04-17-1999, 07:49 AM
Yes I have noticed a significant drop myself and was wondering if maybe their sign up page was down or inaccessible. I have replaced some of those ads already now over my concern. http://www.very-cool-stuff.com/ubb/smile.gif


04-17-1999, 10:45 AM
Maybe all the potential sign-ups have been ****** into AllAdvantage hype instead ?

I don't heavily promote Cybergold, so I don't have huge stats to easily make a judgement

Anybody tried MyPoints instead?

04-18-1999, 08:19 AM
Mine have gotten much lower.