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04-16-1999, 07:03 PM
Beyond is considering offer free e-mail both to their affiliates and their customers. You can send comments to

I suggest you should be concerned : presumably if the free e-mail is web-based, will it have links to Beyond.com...And if yes, will these links include our affiliate code (so we don't loose out on possible sales) ?

04-17-1999, 05:45 AM
Surely this is an *optional* service! If you don't want to use their free email service (and risk promoting their site without an affiliate code) then don't use it!

If you need a free email service, there are over 500 others to choose from, and my site lists them all.

If you don't need a free email service, then you have even less to worry about.

If you are worried that the free email will prove so popular that you will start to lose potential sales then A) Remember, there ARE over 500 free email services out there so one more won't change much B) Free email does not translate into huge numbers of extra visitors (many, many service operators have mailed me with such information) and C) Beyond.com is a business and has to make money. You can't expect it to simply sit on its hands vis a vis other promotional avenues simply because it does not want to put a dent in its affiliate program.

Face it, to date I do not believe there is a single site that puts its affiliate interests above its own. There will be soon, but that project is secret and I can't talk about it for a few weeks at least.


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04-17-1999, 07:56 AM
1. Well those of us not on the inside track only have two lines of info in the newsletter to go on.

2. Of course they want to promote their business. That is only to be expected, and is of course in the final analysis up to them.

3. Whether it's a problem at all, a slight problem, a big problem, an advantage, etc. is unknown given #1.

4. They asked for comments in their newsletter. I sent mine. Other affiliates can do the same.