View Full Version : Thank You ZZN !!

04-12-1999, 07:32 PM
Hello ,
Sorry for not being in this board for a very long time .

I just want to say how ZZN is really helping me to establish my presence on the web .

ZZN provides free web-based email systems for webmasters to feature on their site .

Some how or another , the ZZN address that I have chosen is extremely popular .
Over the last two months I have seen an extremely large growth in my user database . Yes I have to admit that ZZN is not giving me anything in the sense of banner advertising and all but my ability to reach out to users is extremely helpful . I have seen a great leap in the amounts I earn the moment i send out an email to all in my service . The ability to specify the logout page that you want is extremely useful in directing your users to places on your site that you want to target . Changing the logout page to a free greeting card service that I had saw the amount of traffic in my website jumping up . The number of traffic I mean here is based on the number of cards sent . This helped my banner advertising big time .

Any other happy ZZN webmasters out there ?!?