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04-01-1999, 08:28 AM
I just got an email from a friend about a new company that will pay you up to $20 / month to look at some ads while you surf. As a lot of these go, it is MLM and you can make $ from those you refer and those they refer. The product isn't done yet (you can register though) so we will see what it is all about. Has anyone done well with programs like this?
Any thoughts about offering signups through our sites? (I know my math well enough to realize that the $6000 example is highly unlikely if not impossible...)

Following is the email that was generated for me to send to my friends:

Hey Guys -

One of my colleague's friends just founded an internet company with a
couple of his classmates that began on Tuesday March 30. The company's
name and web site address is alladvantage.com. The company will pay you
$0.50 per hour that you use the internet up to 40 hours a month if you sign up
and download their small
advertising bar which will be available in 3-6 weeks. The sign up period
began yesterday and it is important that you sign up as soon as possible as
spaces may be limited. Once the bar is downloadable in 3-6 weeks, the
checks will be mailed out after the first month of usage. Subscribing to
this service is an easy way to make $20 a month in cash with no strings
attached off of my friends while you are doing your normal browsing on the

Your opportunity to make additional money off of my friends is much greater
than the $20 that you can earn yourself. You also earn $0.10/hour for
everyone you refer to alladvantage.com and $0.05/hour for four more levels
down the pyramid. A sample of these potential pyramid economics which if
you forward this e-mail to your friends can become a significant source of
income are detailed below.

Level 1) if you referred 5 people, you could make another $20 if they used
40 hours.
Level 2) if those 5 referred 5 people, you would make another $50.
Level 3) if those 5 referred 5 people, you would make another $250.
Level 4) if those 5 referred 5 people, you would make another $1,250.
Level 5) if those 5 referred 5 people, you would make another $6,250.

AllAdvantage.com just opened their site and we are on the ground floor. I
think it will be a big membership very quickly (Hotmail was at 12 million in
18 months with no money to its members). To read more about the site or to
sign up now use this link.
Just go to <http://alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=ANE085>

Members are paid for their own Web browsing and for referrals. Please tell
as many of your friends about this program as possible. Be sure to enter my
ID#(ANE-085) when you join.
Remember, it's easy to sign up and it will never cost us a dime!
Details below. Let me know how you like it.
Member ID#: ANE-085

04-02-1999, 12:31 AM

My answer would have to be: yes, you can earn money. Heres why:

So they put a thing on your screen thats open when your online. This has a banner in it, which I assume changes ever few seconds. Lets assume that use Teknosurf (yay!) banners in it. Lets also say that you see 10 banners you like in 1 hour and therefore click on them. This would make the company which displays the banners $1.00 from Tekno, and they only pay you $0.50. Thats how they would make their money through click-thru. Now lets assume that they do advertising per impression. Say the banner changes 6 times every minute. Assume that they use Flycast (or some other company) and get apprx 2 cents/impression. They are making 12 cents every minute through impressions alone (not including clicks) and therefore making a whooping $7.20 a hour for themselves, and only paying you $0.50. Even through all their 2-teir payouts, they are stilll making out very, very well. I have seen many other companies offer things like this as well. MileNet, which went out of business, rewarded you with apprx 1 frequent flier mile for each minute their banner program app was open. WinDough works on the same basis, but rewards you with random prizes. Another popular program that uses the "banner consoles" to generate income is NetZero. For those of you that dont know, NetZero offers free dial-up internet access. They can do this as the require you to keep their banner window open whenever your connected, so in essence, your actually generating income for them. So yes, I assume you can make 'some' money, but not nearly enough as they are from you, and not nearly as much as you could from banners on your webpage. Hope this helps.


Thought you just might want to know that my friend (an ISP kept his MileNet window open for about a year, and earned enough miles to get a round trip ticket on AA to the UK. http://www.very-cool-stuff.com/ubb/smile.gif Guess thats good for doing nothing...

04-02-1999, 12:36 AM
The reason MileNet went out of business was that the expanded too fast, and could not afford to keep upgrading their servers to support all their members. With this in mind, Im not sure how long alladvantage will last.