View Full Version : Brief Network Outage. All is fine

04-28-2004, 05:53 PM
Today and thats 4/28/04 at around 3:15PM San Diego, California, USA Planet Geek the VO network and NOT my dedicated server experienced network problems as in:

"We are suffering from major network issues and many servers are not responding at this time. We are working on the issues and expect to have the problem corrected by 5pm MDT."

We were unavailable for about 21 minutes but all is well and the worldwide numbers look dandy:

04/28/2004 18:51:49 Las Vegas USA OK 30305 1.20
04/28/2004 18:51:50 Frankfurt GERMANY OK 30953 1.26
04/28/2004 18:51:50 London UK OK 30326 1.95
04/28/2004 18:51:49 Los Angeles USA OK 30296 1.21

My appolagies for any inconveniece this may have caused you. :)