View Full Version : QUIZ: These Forums have a minor technical glitch. What is it?

04-15-2004, 04:25 PM

If we can assume that running sites also means you notice problems with your sites, diagnose same, and then fix the issue.

These Forums currently have a minor technical issue? What is it? Where is it located? How would you fix it? Details please?


It does not affect the proper operation of vB. :)

Georgiec already provided a heads up via email so no fair that you answer. Just a big thanks and admiration from me. :)

And you ?

Prize: My thanks and admiration. Plus, a charter membership in the "GEEK of the WEEK Club" :)

04-15-2004, 05:49 PM
Tell me if I'm on the right track here....

Looks like there is a javascript error. The error appears to be coming from pphlogger.js called at the bottom of the page. Remove the call to that script and the problem will go away.

Of course if I am on the right track, you probably wanted me to debug your pphlogger.js script which I dont have time to do right now but if I had to have a wild guess I'd say the "showme" or "st" variables need to be defined. Perhaps there is supposed to be another script at the top of the page.

04-15-2004, 06:56 PM
Simon from San Franciso :)

Outstanding start. You and Georgie are GEEKS of the WEEK.

Since I know that the JS call/code has worked properly for over 2 years my next step was to check my error logs for g17 which is hosted on another VO box (virtual) and which serves the counter which uses MySQL.

Welcome to MYSQL error city...zillons...I says to myself.

The box has been unstable for the last few days with period of outages and such. No biggie since it's the last thing on the page and vB is not effected.

Some services were broken so I waited a few hours untill a few moments ago when my young self could finally reach the counter admin and I see errors.

Finally I can reach phpmyadmin and it's slow city. The repair tables (all) and then optimize all tables and it's fixed for the moment but this other server is still not stable.

Thanks again for the great job and it appears to be fixed so no more errors :)