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08-21-2003, 08:57 PM

I attempted to ask a question via the feedback form. When I hit the "submit form" button I got a screen reading:

"Sorry, canít run from here."

I didn't know whether the message was humour or whether it meant that a ?script? or something that submits the form did not "run" because I took too long writing the question.

So I tried the form again to ask whether the form had worked the first time. This time I typed quicker and when I hit the submit form I received a screen reading:

"Sorry, you already ran this form."

Now with apparently contradictory post submission screens, my uncertainty has been replaced with confusion.

Further, if I did run the form twice, then have I now violated the do not submit twice rule (although I asked a different question the second time)?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Please feel welcome to delete this post once this matter has been resolved.

08-21-2003, 10:10 PM

Sorry you are having problems. Given the issue, we have an exception to our Rules.

Please send your question or comment directly to me. Please include your email address and member name in your email if you would like a responce :). Send to:

webmaster AT geekvillage.com

Subject form which you reference and which is not part of the BB Forum script has "abuse control" built into it.

Thanks and good luck :)