View Full Version : [Resolved] Steve, how do you do it?

02-14-2003, 08:02 AM
Okay maybe I am too observant, but I have often wondered how you organise what we see.

When I login in the morning (or any time), if there is a new post in "Community Forums" the browser will show that section, if there is no new post there, it will show the next section if there is a post there.....etc. If I reload at any time and there are no new posts, I see the bottom ad?????

'fess up how is it done? :eek: :)

02-14-2003, 12:46 PM

1. The basic organization of the Forums is kinda random in nature but I'm attempting to group related Forums/tasks together in a somewhat imperfect manner. :)

2. Assuming you are loged in and assuming your browser and system is working properly, you will always see the same Forums. If you don't, you have either a system and or browser issue on your system. See:


3. If your question is about new posts, then the "check icon" next to a Forum name on the Forum home page usually but not always turns yellow if a Forum contains a new post for you. vBulletin keeps track of which posts you have seen. vBulletin does not and never has had the ability to "hide" certain Forums from a properly loged in member because these Forums do not contain any new posts for the member.

4. The very best way to never miss a new post is to use the View Latest Topics link on the right hand top side of the Forum home page. Your new posts will usually have a special "down arrow" icon next to the posts which are new for you.

HTH and good luck! :heart: