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12-10-2001, 02:42 PM
Anyone seen the AT&T Wireless ad? It's running on 7 sites including CBS Marke****ch, Weather.com and ZDNet. It starts with a full page interstitial and then you get an AT&T banner and skyscrapper.

I think it's very well done and a co-worker commented that he'd prefer that to pops. I'm hoping that these kinds of ads will filter down to some of the smaller publishers. I need to look into getting certified for UniCast and see if I can get some of my ad networks interested in doing the same.

12-10-2001, 07:58 PM
Steve obviously doesn't like the Market Watch site or maybe the middle characters spell something offensive ;)

This kind of advertising by AT&T is going to drive customers away from sites in their droves. Web site owners are soon going to realise that they are exploiting the short term popularity of their web sites at the expense of the long term prospects of survival. Take for example, Google and AltaVista. AV went mad with ads and pop-ups and towers and... While Google realised that text sponsored links were just as effective. AV lots thousands of users, not just because of poorer search results, but also because of all their ads. If you look at Lycos, Excite and most major portals, you will see they are going back to basics with their designs to try and emulate Google's clarity.

AT&T are just having a field day with the desperate ad rates and are probably making themselves even more unpopular with their decreasing consumer base... phew... enough already!