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12-03-2001, 01:25 PM
Just dropping a note about a recent experience w/ BeFree.

I used to use some BeFree programs on one of my sites last yr. I made a mere $9 sales commision last Oct w/ one of the mechants, before I closed the site & let the domain expire. Haven't used BeFree since then.

Well, that particular mechant recently left BeFree, so all of thier existing balances were paid off... to to my surprise a year after the commision was earned, I received a $9 check. (in the merchant's name)

I deposited the check & several days later it was returned 'Refer To Maker"... along w/ a $3 service charge.

I gathered up my old account info, and was in the middle of typing an email to the marchant, then the phone rings...

"This is BeFree, we handle payment processing for several of our mechants. Someone was recetly printing counterfiet checks under one of these accounts, and unbeknownst to us, the bank halted all transactions on that particular account for 3 days. We were never notified of this 3 day down time, until we recived a notice from a publiisher whose check was returned. Please redeposit the check that was returned, and expect a $50 check to be sent to you this week, to cover any fees/inconvienences you may have had."

An actual phone call, from an actual human being to notify my of the reason why my check was returned *before* I had contacted them myself.

So I get a surprise $9 check, which turns into $56 (after my $3 bank fee) in less than a week.

just thought Id share the info

ps. and yes, I recieved the $50 check last week.

12-04-2001, 07:09 AM
That is certainly a very nice experience! Thanks for sharing!

And a warm welcome to geek/talk :wave:

12-05-2001, 05:55 PM
Our check got stopped due to the same counterfeit problem and it was for in excess of $10,000, I contacted BeFree andthey issued a check and overnighted it to us, since we had not received :the refer to maker check" from the bank. they also gave us a check to help offset the fees we incurred.

Seemd like honest, straightforward people.

12-05-2001, 06:31 PM
I also received a replacement check for Kiss.com but no check replacement yet for Goto. WHat I don't like is the way they handled this. There were no e-mail notification and instructions from Befree to affiliates as to what to do. Maybe some were e-mailed but not all. These has left me hanging by the moment wondering hmmm what should I do with the check :)

Anyway I think this is not good PR for BeFree, Trust is something hard to maintain but easy to break but anyway I still trust them but in contrast I use them minimally. I am only using Overture and if they soon end their CPC which I expect to come sooner or later then say Bye Bye ByeFree. ;)