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11-30-2001, 03:45 AM
I have a slight problem with collecting my money from SI - not to the extent that they are withholding it from me, but to make the proper arrangements:

I am running two of their programs now: searchtraffic and popuptraffic. Since I live in Europe (Austria), I entered a rather high payment limit for both of them - 250$, in order to keep the percentage of banl commissions low on the amount I earn. As you can imagine, it takes some time to reach this limit, and in both cases I haven't yet come too close (popuptraffic doing much better than searchtraffic, of course).

My intention was to get both programs into one cheque. Searchtraffic now makes me about 10$ a month, popuptraffic about 60$. Searchtraffic would take another 10 months until I get paid out with my limits :-) (and I am running it nearly a year now). Popuptraffic is closer, I could reach the limit by the end of the year.

I mailed SI in order to get both earnings on one cheque and mailed to me by the end of the October period, since I was in need of some additional money for a server upgrade. I also mailed them that my mailing address has changed (I moved since I signed up for their program). I had no other mail address than the one that can be found at their site to ask for the changes and the combining of the earnings (admin), but haven't gotten a reply. Now that the end of the period has passed, nothing has changed on my accounts.

I know that SI is checking this forums here, and I would ask someone from SI to maybe give me the proper email where I could once again tell them what I want. I cannot make changes to my account on their website (I understand that this is for security reasons), but they do not really tell you WHERE you could make them.

Maybe other european webmasters could tell me how they handle payments from the US - the situation in austria is that you are paying about 40$ to be able to cash in a 250$ cheque from the US (this amount is also true for smaller cheques, this is why I went for the high limit).

11-30-2001, 04:14 AM
I'm from the Netherlands myself and I am expecting my first cheques to arrive at the end of december. I have no idea how much it will cost me to cash them, but if its $40 than I will have to push up the limits on almost all of the 10 affiliate programs I am using at this moment.

I will check it out.

11-30-2001, 05:02 AM
Hey Bernard,

To address your first request, SI have been combining affiliates' balances from multiple programs onto a single check since about Jan-Feb of this year, so you will automatically receive a single check to cover both of your accounts.

The only remaining barrier, then, is that of the high minimum payment threshold presumably set when you joined. Well, you'll be pleased to know that these limits may be reduced as low as $25 upon request. Thus, you should simply email your name, email addy, login and password to the admins of each program asking that your payment threshold value be lowered to $100 (or whatever amount will trigger a payment for this or next month).

I've adjusted payment thresholds via the forms on the newer SI sites (ie CTT (http://www.clickthrutraffic.com/contact.html)) previously and have had the changes effected within hours, so if you get the emails off quickly enough, these changes may be completed today.


Best of luck. :)

11-30-2001, 06:14 AM

thank you for your reply. This helps me a lot :-)

Just one thing: is there a way to set the amount when a cheque will be mailed not for every program, but all programs in total? Seachrraffic now is at 190$, popuptraffic at about 200$. I don't want to lower the threshold level, but want to see a cheque when all the programs COMBINED reach this threshold...

11-30-2001, 07:03 AM
I don't want to lower the threshold level, but want to see a cheque when all the programs COMBINED reach this threshold...

Now that would be a very useful feature. I face a similar predicament myself, using allclicks, searchtraffic and clickthrutraffic. It costs $12 to cash a check for me here in Sweden, so I can live with the fact that I sometimes get a small check. But it would be excellent if we could set the limit at, say, $100 combined. I think I will raise this question at the Standard Internet forums.

Robert from SI
11-30-2001, 08:24 AM

I checked the log and your email was successfully rec'd at 1:15am this morning.

Rest assured that the admin will contact you today and assist you as best he can.

11-30-2001, 12:03 PM
Execuse me for a bit offtopic but I never thought that in my country(Russia) there are one of the lowest fees for cashing in cheques.
I pay only 2% of every cheque(5$ min).
However You've got another advantage You're not in the list of countries banned by SI.

Just my 0,02$