View Full Version : Thanks robert

11-29-2001, 09:51 PM
I've been trying to get in Search Traffic for a while but I can't seem to get through, I've transfered to the Philippines but I'm originally from Australia.

11-29-2001, 10:47 PM
Yeah me too! I have actually given up hope of getting in. And with Adsearches closure I am left with no more search programs.

11-30-2001, 01:45 AM
Please take this to SICtalk (http://www.sictalk.com), or contact Robert directly at robert@standardinternet.com

Alternatively, you may like to appeal to SearchTraffic's admin Steve via steve@standardinternet.com

Best of luck. :)

Robert from SI
11-30-2001, 08:28 AM
wly, trabaho,

We no longer evaluate non-USA webmasters based on nationality but on subjective factors such as the quality and design of the website, and, more importantly, wether or not the site content is condusive to e-commerce.