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11-28-2001, 03:50 PM
I changed the layout for all my second level pages (non homepages, non-chapter pages/entry pages) so now they allow the placement of 468 x 60 banners. For instance: http://www.lordotrings.com/tour/touritem.asp

Now I am curious about how I can fill in this add space. I am only running 1 banner/page which will amount to 700K-1M impressions/month. I do not want to further disturbe the site by placing pop-ups or anything like that. I recently joined Gorilla Nation and now I am serving their ads but I am not sure how much they are going to pay. I already have a large shop that sells almost every Tolkien related product through 12 affilaite programs. I am promoting the shop using sidebar buttons on every page of the site.

Now what should I do with the new Top Banners:

- Go for a CPM program. If so, which could you recommend for a fantasy/Lord of the Rings/Tolkien site? What could I expect to make out of it?

- Place more advertising for items in the shop thus promoting the sales on products through affiliate programs.

- Go for other CPA related banners at for instance CJ.com

- Try to approach companies directly and try to sell them the ad space. How does one do so? How can I track the impressions and convince the company that the stats are real? Will they accept to a fixed pay/month deal?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

C. Stark
11-29-2001, 03:15 AM
If you don't mind CPA, amazon has a great affiliate program you can get up to a 15% payout if you link directly to the items. There are lots of other Tolkein related books, videos, etc. that you can set up a store for. My experience with conversion rates from targetted amazon product links has been good. If you want to be aggressive run a popup pushing some of the merchandise. If you want to be subtle integrate it seemlessly into your pages so It doesn't look like advertising.