View Full Version : I can't cache this board in IE5.5

08-15-2001, 06:44 AM
I'm viewing this board with IE5.5 (I'd use Opera, but my Opera 5.12 won't play nice with the board---it keeps reloading the same page over and over spontaneously) but I'm having problems with caching.

I go into the "Making Money" forum, and see the list of threads. Then I click a thread. But when I click the BACK button to get back to the list of threads, IE5.5 reloads the page instead of pulling it from the cache.

Can something be done about this? The lack of caching means that it's very slow for me to browse this board. (No, I can't use "Open in New Window" because my right mouse button is broken right now...have to get it replaced.)

08-15-2001, 10:56 AM
Thanks for the input. Thats the way it's supposed to work :) and the reason is to insure the max number of banner impressions which pays the bills around here.

On a temporary basis, I have tuned off the switch in Admin so Add No-cache headers is presently set to no. It was previously set to yes. I'm curious to see how this impacts my impressions and reserve the right to turn it back on if it materially effects same. :) The other issue to consider is that all the pages of the BB are "dynamically generated" at least in theory. So while you are reading a thread another member could have posted before you hit the back button and thus this new post must be reflected on the page you view via your back button. Also, GZIP compression level 1 is turned on and that won't change.

The Forum home page is hard coded to yes and that will not change. The bottom region will eventually use SSI via an implode just like the top region to insure the max number of impressions.

I hope this helps you and I will revisit the issue next week when I have time to test this issue further and analyze my stats.