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08-04-2001, 01:16 PM
I have started making subtle additions/changes to our UI and feature set.

Forum Home page: World Time link and View Latest Topics link

Thread display: Icons and allignment for the 3 links titled:

Print | Email Page | Subscribe to Thread


- Minimum Word Length for searches set to "3" and new search index created. That's the absolute final number :)

- User Groups names for Team Geek: color coded and bold

I will continue to document these changes in this thread. Enjoy :)


- Add No-cache headers turned off and set to no as an experiment to see if BB speeds up for dial up users hitting the back button. May be turned back on if impacts impressions.

Turned back on. Adversly effects page views.

- Rating feature turned off. No one used it. No one asked for it. It takes up valuable real esate.

- Flames changed to only appear after 300 views.


Upgraded to version 2.0.3 from 2.0.1
No edits yet to templates for new features
Changed form action to "Post" in this template:

User Options Templates > modifyoptions

More changes:

- Posts in geek/yak don't raise post count. In anticipation of some changes and additional abuse.

- Who's Online (new feature) link added to top right of forum home page.

- Added member post search icon/link to Postbit Template > postbit - I'm rather surprised that the eagle eyed geeks never noticed :)

Upgrade to Version 2.2.0:

Completed on 11-3-01 so Georgie remains a happy camper :) Smooooth as a hot knife through butter. Required some template edits. New features:

- Forum Jump enhancements - Use it to save time
- Forum Jump - Visible on more sections of the BB
- Forum specific search on Category/Forum - top and bottom
- Multiple choice Polls
- Who's Online enhancements - B/I for Team Geek
- Encrypts passwords in database
- More secure method for lost password routines
- New encrypted password procedure
- Supported browsers test - a few minor cosmetic issues but otherwise fine.
- A few little "buglets" discovered. Nothing major. 2.2.1 is a fix and comming sooner rather than later.
- Spellcheck button implemented. JS in head of each of the following templates and edit to each:


Upgrade to Version 2.2.1:

Completed on 11-24-01.

Can you show me some "skin"?

Completed on 11-25-01 and 11-27-01

Click the following link to see "Blue" skin:


Click the following link to see "Red-Light" skin which is also designed for folks on dial up since it has fewer graphics:


1. Select "Blue" or "Red-Light" in the Style Set drop down near the bottom of this page:


2. Click the Submit Modifications button to save your new style

3. Refresh or close and launch your browser again to see and use the new style

Our Skin/Style Set implimentation is complete and their will be no additional skins added to geek/talk. Color critiques and those with an MBA in Fine Arts may need some dark glases. </joke>

Special thanks to the graphic God at http://www.pixeljunction.com/vbthemes/ for a really neat set of buttons.

12-21-01 -- Operation click back implemented

All applications to register are a two step procedure. Step 1 requires a click back via an email. If properly completed the application is placed in the cue for review. If not properly completed, the application/member is banned and rejected.

Current Registered Members

If you change your email address of record with geek/talk you will be sent an email to your new address which contains "Since you have recently changed your email, we require that you verify your new email address."

Our security procedures require that you "click back" using the link inside this email to complete this change. Please only click once on the link. If you don't do this you are locked out of geek/talk and will eventually be banned. After a sucessfull clickback you are placed in the cue and will be approved as soon as possible.

1-01-02 Custom vB code

New custom vB code to center text and insert a horizontal rule. vB code page updated. The vB code appears below with spaces inserted so it won't be parsed. Remove the spaces if you wish to use it.

[ center]Center me[ /center]
[ hr][ /hr]

Center me


Upgraded to V 2.2.4