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Old 08-08-2005, 12:39 AM   #1
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Default Strategy in Media Planning.

For selecting a media objective for your ad campaign you should follow the following defined strategy in three steps that should be helpful to you for selection of most cost effective media selection and to avoid wastage of media cost.

STEP 1. Reviewing the marketing & advertising situation

Because media planning is an extension of the company’s marketing plan, the media strategy flows from a review of the marketing & advertising situation. The following outline suggests the most relevant pieces of background information for media planning.

Marketing and Ad situation.

Marketing Factors;

1. Who is the competition and what market share do they hold?

2. What is our marketing strategy? Our marketing objectives?

3. What buyer problems does our product solve?

4. What marketing decisions have been made about the internal marketing elements (product, price & promotion) ?

5. What external environmental factors are influencing the marketing of our product?

Ad factors;

1. What role is advertising expected to play in the stimulation of brand demand?
2. What are the advertising objectives?
3. What is the size of the ad investments?
4. What is our creative strategy? What are our creative tactics?

The purpose of this background review is to help guide media planning decisions. It should be your role to understand the marketing environment and to provide this understanding to those who will have responsibility for the tactical decisions.

Step 2 Selecting the target market

As the basic function of media planning is to select media that reach the target audience, the media planer must know the target audience with as much precision as possible. Usually the target market is selected in the earliest stages of marketing planning. The high cost of media and the need to minimize waste exposures emphasize the importance of a precise target market definition. You should target audiences in a number of different ways,
such as, using demographically, life style, and product usage, can specify the One of the reasons we emphasize the importance of early identification of the target market as an errors in media selection are very costly.

Step 3.Setting media objectives

Media objectives give you direction as it specifies the criteria against which the media plan will ultimately be evaluated. Media objectives need to be specific, measurable, realistic, and related to the company’s marketing and advertising objectives. Overall it should be cost effective.

Because the primary purpose of media is to deliver the ad message, media objectives should be expressed in terms of delivery ability- reaching the target audience with sufficient frequency and appropriate timing. The three terms used to express media objectives are reach, frequency, and continuity. Because all media plan contain these three factors, they can be called the parameters of the media plan. A parameter is a quantity that is constant in a particular case, such as in a particular media plan, but what varies in different cases, such as in alternative media plans that are being considered.

1. Reach: Reach refers to the number of different individuals exposed to the ad message in a purpose cycle. (The purpose cycle is the time interval, between purposes in the product category, for the average target audience member). Generally, reach is expressed as percentage.

2. Frequency” Frequency refers to the average number of times the audience is exposed to the ad message. Individuals may be exposed to the ad once, twice or three times or many times between purchases. The most difficult decision in media strategy is how many times the target audience need to be exposed to the ad, per purpose cycle to maximize the chance that they will purpose the brand.

3 Continuity: Continuity refers to the pattern of distributing the ad message during the entire planning period. The planning period may contain multiple purchase cycles for a product or service. Normally the continuity of ad should be at least 3 to 6 month for effective reach and frequency and overall well exposure to your target audience.

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Old 08-09-2005, 01:11 AM   #2

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Wow! Old school marketing wisdom. It's been a while since we've had a succinct and comprehensive overview of the marketing/advertising process posted here, so thank you sincerely for putting such a valuable post together.

This is still my favourite question when planning a new product, but unfortunately it seems perpetually doomed to remain one of the most neglected considerations by too many small startups:
3. What buyer problems does our product solve?
Positioning a product or service shouldn't be about creating a new market or hard-selling a product to an unreceptive base of prospects. It should be about designing and supporting a product that genuinely fills a need for the consumer. Too many products these days seem destined to failure through being unoriginal or filling a need that doesn't exist - only to play on fears, doubt and uncertainty or to exaggerate the item's effectiveness in order to recoup development costs.

Of course, the same principles should be considered by publishers in advance of developing a website, in order to ensure that they are contributing something unique or something superior to the marketplace. Doing so will not only earn the publisher greater credibility and respect within the industry, but will make the process of promoting that property so much simpler.

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Old 08-09-2005, 07:10 AM   #3
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Thank you for appreciation and your valuable time for reading the above article and your reply.

I completely agree with you.
Overall I just add that it’s the time to translate the Old school marketing wisdom (the traditional form) to contemporary and mainstream marketing strategy.
I think it’s most essential part to understand the problems and challenges the consumer usually face in their business and how they could use the product or service to address them by meeting their opportunities and objectives. We can empathize with them and can articulate consumers view points and perspectives. It is the prime responsibility and objectives for the publisher/company to synthesize and prioritize across consumers needs by way of balancing them with their capability and translating it to the technical advancement in more significant way.

The real satisfaction and rewards of winning in the marketplace is to seeing the product or service address to a consumers problem or need better than any competing solution are incomparable.

Product management brings the customer to the equation and at the mainstream. I remember one quote from an entrepreneur;
“If I can get product management focused on identifying market problems and representing the customers to the company, then the company can be saved.”


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