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Arrow I am Looking for some traffic From You!

Hi All....

I am starting a Webmaster Membrship Site...with the opening in the beginnning of sept. I have spent a lot of money on tools, softeware, articles, reports ect... and the resell rights to all so I could offer the best resourcves for the lowest prices. I obviously will be using all of these resources to promote my own site, but we all know that a lot of these resources don't develope into a good traffic avenue for several weeks or even months. I am wanting to push as much traffic (all kinds of different types of traffic too) starting immidiately after site is up and running (Beginning Sept. 1).

I am looking for all types of traffic, pop-ups, pop-behinds, text links, invisible, link exchanging, banners, ect.....

I have some already lined up and am looking for good deals. I am willing to trade or throw in sponsorship links on my page to your site and/or banner campaigns on my site for you.

The site is and will be up Sept. 1. It is a sister to a MAJOR members site that has over 800 members and growing, so it has a future full of traffic.

I am prepared to pay for traffic but will barter or trade if someone has a need I can fill. Please provide me with the kind of traffic you have to offer and a price.

thanks for reading all of this and the info in advance....

Matt Riedl
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