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I hope you understand why I am somewhat vague about this plan. I know it would be easier if all the details were typed out.

Hope this helps.
Heck yes this helps. Your and Steve's tips are super. More than I hoped for. I have been an AdWords user for years but not in a true business capacity, just to grab some traffic for new key sites or pages.

... that is exactly the role I used to play in Corporate America. I would often raise this issue and twist it and turn it to insure the other party had really thought the issue through. I let them babble and then ...
That is sadly hilarious Steve. In my initial (and informal) proposal only a few months ago, that is exactly what I did... babble, I see that only now. I am trying to look at this from the "if it were my money at stake" perspective more. This is already a most valuable learning experience.

I received a most welcomed "take a few more days" call today. My final plan will be brief and written knowing that key decision makers will turn first to the last page - Financials. I still truly believe that electronic/web-based marketing can effectively tap this market. I'll just keep the techno-fluff out of the final draft and stick to the tangible nuts and bolts of how it will be accomplished.
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