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In this business sales are never actually made on the phone or online, the cycle is typically 30-90 days per sale. It requires developing a large base of potential clients who know about you and choose you when the time comes to make a purchase which is done by way of establishing a credit account. It's strictly b2b.

I planned to keep all efforts in-house and have included a budget for advertising which will be PPC, probably AdWords. I already manage the website and will adjust it and add to it to suit my needs.

My greatest challenge seems to be satisfying the partner who asks, "Just tell how much revenue it will generate". This partner is not interested in the value of branding or marketing so I have to stay focused on sales. In the end that is what matters.

It's a real reality check, having an idea that you believe in and taking it apart in every detail to find the bottom line.

You have hit on one important thing for certain - my SEM and keyword research skills are weak for these particular products. This afternoon is dedicated to investigating those areas.

Thank you
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