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Default Business plan for emarketing and sales

I'm in the middle of writing a business plan to create a new division for a company where a traditional, local outside sales force has been the primary method of selling to date. It's due just two days from now.

New products, services and distribution agreements allow for selling to many US states without any current sales force. I am proposing a small electronic marketing division where phone and internet will be the primary tools to develop new leads and sales from this vast, untouched region.

Like any good company, there is some healthy skepticism and question about this concept. The owners have a very limited grasp of what can be done on the net.

I've already read every business plan tutorial out there so no need to recap the "top 10 mistakes" again but I wanted to throw this out to the GV crowd since I know some here will come up with some tips that I'll miss, especially in selling emarketing and sales to those unfamiliar with it.


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