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Not to worry. You will do fine and at the end of the day, a far better person

Tribal Chief Czar really hit the nail on the head with some outstanding ideas I would like to reinforce just 2 of them:

1. KIS is critical. I have seen plenty of folks who effectively "oversell" the pitch/presentation/plan by inserting stuff thats really not helpfull to the core issue and often only serves to confuse management. They often use the "I just through that in..." when attemting to defend their thoughts. When in reality, it actually dilutes the presentation.

2. A close examination of your competition and looking for areas where you can effectively "exploit" and or execute a similar strategy in a significantly more effective way (as Czar mentioned) certainly does not stop after you launch. I suggest a healthy dose of "paranoia" via continully visiting your competition to see how they may react and slight tweaks, depending on what they may or may not do.

Good luck!

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