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...My greatest challenge seems to be satisfying the partner who asks, "Just tell how much revenue it will generate". This partner is not interested in the value of branding or marketing so I have to stay focused on sales. In the end that is what matters.

It's a real reality check, having an idea that you believe in and taking it apart in every detail to find the bottom line.
I got a nice chuckle out of your comment since that is exactly the role I used to play in Corporate America. I would often raise this issue and twist it and turn it to insure the other party had really thought the issue through. I let them babble and then after taking my notes, fire away with views from a different angle. I sometimes (cough) do it in GV to stimulate the gray matter. You will be a better person for all of this. I guarantee you

Returning to the issue in a more focused manner. Use the following to research and find keywords. Also, don't forget typoes:
The Overture Bid per listing display
The AdWords way whcih I think Tribal Chief Czar documented someplace?

This sound like you will need at least one year to evaluate. Maybe even longer, depending on the avergae "sales price/invoice" in this B2B deal.


Allocate 5% for bad debt. They never pay the invoice

Go underground and into deep cover Happens all the time and for the most part it's just business so don't send me nasty PMs PLEASE . Determine what your competition is bidding per term, then contact them (without clicking the link which cost them) with your other email account (cough) and see how they handle it and exactly what they say and do. Play dumb and ask PLENTY of questions capish

Spend a lot of time on your competitors sites. Poke around. Look over everything and see if you can use this in combo with the other points I raised to "reverse engineer" the results and ROI.

Good luck and HTH
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