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Assuming all the ducks are lined up properly I would tend to spend a great deal of time and energy on:

Customer Aquisition: This sounds like the deal is closed on the phone as opposed to a "cart" transaction? In any case, will you pay for leads and how much will they costs? If you decide to use a CPL Affiliate Network for leads I would be prepared for fraud in large doses. Because of this, I wouldn't try this at first.

Will you permit your Affiliates via the CPL Network to bid on your Trademark inside Google using AdWords? This has the potential to tarnish and taint your brand since your "Mark" may find it's way into sites you would never associate with. I wouldn't permit this.

Summary: Keep all your marketing efforts in house when you launch. Far safer, better control, easier to determine the real ROI. On the other side of the coin, it requires SEM skills, keyword research (AdWords/Organic ONLY), a site that sells with no leaks, etc.


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