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Question How often do you backup your site and or dedicated server?

Please only vote once. This Poll is for folks with virtual sites and dedicated servers. Please share your tips and procedures on exactly how you perform backups. If you are a "host" it would also be helpfull to learn how you perform backups for your clients or if they use a control panel to perform backups. Please do not advertise

Additional questions that should help all of us: What media do you use? Where are the backups stored? What recovery method do you use? How do you backup mySQL data?

One method which I tell folks to run at least every week and which I also use via Telnet to backup an entire site:

tar -cvf - /home/mysite | gzip -c > /home/mysite/backup.tar.gz
Download (Binary) the backup.tar.gz archive and make at least 2 copies of this archive. One copy needs to go on removeable media and stored in a fireproof container off site. I like burning the archive to CD. WinZip does a dandy job of exstracting the contents of this archive if I need to recover data and or files.

And you?
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