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Originally Posted by Czar
As such, it may not be too long until a savvy reporter stumbles across this thread and performs a search for the term "AdsCPM" on Geek/Talk, which will reveal a huge backlog of publisher complaints, reports of non-payment and claims of the network being friendly towards spyware players.
AdsCPM actually ran and hosted which apparantly a good deal of his pops called via a prompted download. FreeMP3Music.exe comes loaded with one of the nastier AdWares (LOP) which is difficult to remove

FreeScratchAndWin also installed lop/rnd and in it's earlier iteration dealt with xzoomy. It has it's own parasite designation ( and eadgbe appears to be correct that it is affiliated with adscpm somehow. Here is an old domain registration for :, which is actively running also has the contact info (Mike Cass) was apparently involved in some autodownload via exploit activity (no prompt download). Here is a nice article explaining what they did :

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