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Wow! Old school marketing wisdom. It's been a while since we've had a succinct and comprehensive overview of the marketing/advertising process posted here, so thank you sincerely for putting such a valuable post together.

This is still my favourite question when planning a new product, but unfortunately it seems perpetually doomed to remain one of the most neglected considerations by too many small startups:
3. What buyer problems does our product solve?
Positioning a product or service shouldn't be about creating a new market or hard-selling a product to an unreceptive base of prospects. It should be about designing and supporting a product that genuinely fills a need for the consumer. Too many products these days seem destined to failure through being unoriginal or filling a need that doesn't exist - only to play on fears, doubt and uncertainty or to exaggerate the item's effectiveness in order to recoup development costs.

Of course, the same principles should be considered by publishers in advance of developing a website, in order to ensure that they are contributing something unique or something superior to the marketplace. Doing so will not only earn the publisher greater credibility and respect within the industry, but will make the process of promoting that property so much simpler.

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