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Dedicated servers versus cloud hosting

More and more enterprises begin to use cloud services, and that’s why it may be very important to compare this method of storage and sharing of data with dedicated servers. Really, what advantages do dedicated servers have?

This question is first of all rising because of demands of business, but if you try to compare the dedicated server to other hosting decisions – for example, shared hosting, you can see that the price for the dedicated server is much higher. However, due to great reliability, power and speed the dedicated server may become a more welcome solution for some clients. In many cases it is the only solution when the business grows. It could have begun from virtual hosting, but at some point, applications and websites could have required much more space and power.

That’s why the first moment that should be taken into consideration when choosing between dedicated server and cloud service are the requirements to the server itself. Of course you can get scalability, flexibility and reliability from cloud service too, but even nowadays many companies prefer dedicated servers because they can be configured more precisely, can be isolated. Also dedicated servers are more reliable when we speak about the storage of some critical data.

Because of such flexibility the precise tuning is required – this is needed to get the desired result. It concerns everything – from infrastructure to software and hardware configurations. When choosing the dedicated server you should think about the following:

- The hardware: how much RAM, CPU and disk space is needed to meet all the client requirements. Also here one should think about needed applications and traffic and many more things:
- The security of server: many companies prefer to fine-tune and maintain dedicated server by themselves. It should be necessary to ensure that the company will be able to regularly update server with the latest patches and security updates for software to work smooth with operating system and BIOS.
- The redundancy of network: to get maximum reliability and flexibility it is necessary for the network to be enough for covering all needs, especially in times of some problems or errors
- Data-center: is a very important thing to learn, but not too much spoken about. Here we speak about the physical location where server is installed. It is necessary to make sure that it is optimized to maintain the server, has needed cooling, ventilation, security and all needed instruments for monitoring.
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