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Thumbs up Huge mailing list idea...

Here's an interesting idea that may benefit several of us who have large mailing lists.

First of all, my problem:
I bought a large mailing list, but every time i send out mailings, i lose subscribers. Eventually all the non-quality subscribers will all unsubscribe, and all my "loyal" visitors will continue to read my newsletters.

My idea:
You have a large mailing list. I have a large mailing list. Each of us create an html file on our own server where people can subscribe to our mailing list. Then, i send a mailing with an ad for them to sign up for YOUR mailing list. You do the same for me, and we all get more dedicated subscribers.

Email me if you are interested.
ICQ# 60011988

(just to let you know i have appx 50k subscribers to my list)

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