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Originally posted by mr_innovate
I think that you can suceed by running sites that you don't really have an interest in, as long as you know your way around the internet and know how to get good SE listings. But remember that you will make more money from one good site rather than ten half-good ones.

It really depends on what your personality is like. I tend to keep creating new web sites as I like the buzz of launching and promoting them. In reality I should probably concentrate more on my existing sites


I really beg to differ on this one. For the common webmaster who is running a 'business' for himself, 10 "medium" quality sites could very well make a wealth of money over one extremely high quality site.

Most of the 'HIGH QUALITY/HIGH TRAFFIC' sites that generate massive ammounts of revenue aren't 1 man operations, and even if they are the person still has all their eggs in 1 basket

Take it from me, I spent 2 years trying to develop the best sites possible (None of these are listed in my sig/profile fyi), and have found myself focusing on smaller sites, that still have content but are far from the 'best' and cloning them to high hell. More search engine entries, more oppurtunities to get different visitors, and most important if one of my sites fail I am not 'doomed' as far as my online ventures go

I suppose to each his own, but I don't necessarily think trying to create 'mega sites' is the best route for a sole proprietor, unless of course you are the first in your niche (which these days, is well, rare).
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