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My goodness, this is an interesting thread! Steve, I hadn't even thought about the legal ramifications of such sites. *heh*

Anyway, in my opinion, a short list doesn't make much sense, because the way I see it, you have to pick a market where there is demand, offer something that is competitive, and then work, work, work. That could, of course, be any market, so long as it's profitable. The problem with the short list you present is not on the demand side -- on that end, you're sure to have a large supply of potential buyers. The problem is in being competitive. Many have come before you, and many will probably follow. That's not to say it's impossible; it's just a different, more cut-throat business. You may find that your margins have to be extremely low in order to remain competitive, due to competition. In fact, and this is the problem, you may find margins so low that you aren't making a profit. That's when you find out the business doesn't make sense.

I'm not going to say it's impossible to launch one of these types of sites. It's not. It is, however, a good deal of work, and you might find it more rewarding to pick niche interests.
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