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Default those are 4 wonderful ideas

These are 4 pretty competitive arenas. What they all have in common is really high profit margins on transactional based products. High margin business is always attractive.

1. *** Site. If you want to go with *** site it would be best to find a niche like a certain ethnicity of women or dwarfs or a different perversion than the standard. Some people are mixing *** with regular content. I thought and ***** had some really interesting business models.
Especially sexquotes because by mixing *** with stock market quotes their demographics are top notch.

2. Get Rich Quick Schemes. A personal favorite of mine. This space is one of the most competitive and it would be quite difficult to come up with something unique not already done. Basically the challenge here would simply be choose from one of the existing strategies and can you market it more effectively than the others.

3. Losing Weight. You got me there I never visit these sites, I am trying to gain weight.

4. Losing your hair. Hair tonic is over a one billion dollar a year industry. None of it works. And it is flourishing on the internet. People buy this stuff everyday every year like clockwork. I thought seriously about this one. What stopped me is an article I read that the government is cracking down on this. It is considered a form of fraud. has a nice editorial site on this topic.
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