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I've never made much money on either... It's the CPM networks that have really made me the money. Here are some tips:

With affiliate systems, be very careful to read the fine print. They make a lot of their money by using loopholes to avoid paying you anything. In particular, pay attention to whether the program pays for items not specifically linked from your site, and for buyers who follow your link, then come back later to buy.

With CPC, watch the ads. Many of the less ethical operators pay low per-click rates ($0.20 and under) and carry a lot of ads that users aren't likely to click on in the first place.

Many of them also show the same ads over and over or with no targetting, lowering CTR even further. This is particularly common on ad networks that are paid low CPM rates by advertisers then turn around and pay you CPC rates. Be suspicious if the ad network's income isn't directly tied to yours.

As for Flycast, they're a large, legitimate company, but I their CPC network is new and not their main business. How successful it is, I don't know.
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