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Default -- PPC Search Engine Website for sale

PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Search Engine Website for sale :

Your name: Lori Lee
Your Email address: webmaster (at)
URL of the site:
Age of site: A few months
Traffic statistics: Minimal traffic and revenue
Source of traffic:
Asking price: $300.00 with BIN at $450.00
Gross and net revenue per month (Total): $35+
The specific source of your revenue (Names/Details for each. DO NOT post your Google AdSense data):
Copyright status of the content on the site: all graphics were designed by myself and the PPC script has a license.

Any other pertinent data:

I'm selling because I am currently in the process of starting a new company with my friends that I can't spend much time on the online program. -- PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Search Engine Website is professionally designed and programmed to maximize your site revenue.

You are not just purchasing a website, but the domain name as well. You are getting the whole package and all the work has already been done for you! With a domain name like the site advertises itself! It is not an "affiliate" of another site. This website is a premium website programmed in PHP and MySQL. You keep 100% of the profits! With promotion and marketing, this website's potential is unlimited!

More Detail is below:

Domain Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Domain Created: 05-jul-2005 ( 2 years old. )
Domain Expires: 05-jul-2007

Scripts: QPPC Scripts(Price of the QPPC script is normally starting at $295, look at + Web Directory Scripts

Design: Professional Design, please visit

Price: Looking for offers over $300 with BIN(BIN=buy it now) set at $450.

What you get:

1. Domain ownership of

2. Ownership of QualityPPC search engine script license which belongs to (not transferable to another domain)

3. Free installation on your preferred hosting server (Need FTP and hosting control panel info)

4. Professional custom unique design - All design and all graphic images that you see on (you are not allowed to resell the copy of design)

5. Pre installed Feeds:

Revenue Pilot
6. Free lifetime script support and update.

I Accept PayPal, Egold and MoneyBookers, or transaction to go through I'll cover the fees.

Other: is recieving minimal traffic and revenue but is VERY good for a pretty new site.

I confirmed that was clean history and no feed was banned.

I reserve the right to refuse the sale to anyone who weirds me out.

If you would like to bid on this please post reply, PM or mail to webmaster (at)

About the PPC Website and Script:

What is Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Search engine?

Advertisers bid on specific keywords to get their websites listed on your site. This is the search engine style that was made popular by Goto/Overture, it has been adopted by Internet giants Google, Yahoo and AOL, and is now used by thousands of other search sites, from small to big. This style became so popular because advertisers can bid as low as $0.01 per click, and work their way up by bidding higher. On sites that use this system, some bids are known to go as high as $5 per click! Believe it or not, but it's the result you get from competitive advertising

What will be the earning resource?

1.Advertisers deposit:
With pay per click website, people can go on and submit to put their website into the searches. They pay a specified amount per hit. You make money when these people make deposits to fund their account, which they need to do to submit their site. You will keep 100% profits when advertisers deposit into your site.

External search engines's revenue share:

What is "External search engien feeds"? When you start your new search engine, you may not have advertisers who list keywords into your search engine. Do not worry! You can signup those XML feed provider sites such as RevenuePilot, SearchFeed and LookQuick. You can integrate their search listing database by using XML. Those external search engines which pay YOU every time you refer a visitor who clicks on their embedded search results on your site.

Depends on which XML feed provider you use, but you will most likely make 50% to upto 90% in extra revenue from those external feed revenue share as an affiliate! The integrated search results will be transparent to your visitors so they look just like regular search results!

Providing XML feed to other PPC search engines:

You can also provide your XML feed to other search engine. QualityPPC is a ready script to provide XML feed. You can assign specific feeds to each users and have control to block feeds as well. Can you imagine that your site could gets traffic and earn while you are sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

Scripts features :

Admin features :

Fantastic and Sophisticated admin area -
Ability to determine 3 country groups
Ability to determine the country filter(s) to each feed
Ability to block certain IP addresses
Ability to block certain Domains
Ability to block certain Keywords
Ability to block most of Anonymous,Open,Transplant Proxy individually. All proxy filters can be On/Off
Option: New! QEB Elite proxy finder
Option: QualityEBiz blacklist illegal Annoy Proxies which are updated daily
Option: Proxy filter 3 levels
Proxy Level 1 : Transpalet Proxy - Many ISP use it like AOL
Proxy Level 2 : HTTP Protocol, web based Proxy
Proxy Level 3 : Open/Anonymous Proxy
Option: Set % to set on proxy filter automatically by the % of site stats
Option: Set % to block individual user when the proxy % reachs you determined
Option: Set % to credit for proxy traffic(*1)
Option: Block individual member to each feed
Ability to determine the Real IP
In/Out Buffering by setting period. you can determine teh IP status yourself and creat your own black IP list
Ability to avoid software clicks at high percentage.(all options can be set On/OFF)
Must be same IP to click the links on the page
Not allow to complete the search by copying/paste search result link(direct link)
Avoid automated clicks(Bot click) Option
Ability to set time interval between click and search(NEW)
Ability to tune script performance to fit your site security level
Ability use 3rd party's proxy list
Captcha Security by using Graphic font for Secure Login and search.(you can set the number. example,ask secure login search every XX times) (GD library free forn must be supported on your server)
Ability to determine the number of crediting to a user per IP in the hours you set. (Possible to set different setting for local use and out going users)
Ability to set on/off for free search or show the message after the IP reachs the number you set
Ability to set up as many affiliates levels as you want
Set self earning %
Set direct referral earnings %
Set Signup Bonus
Free referral rotation offer(coming soon)
Fantastic Feed manager
Advanced rotation: Ability to rotate feeds and set the alternate feed in the rotation. (There are two rotation type:1) rotating to the country block(s)=If US surfer visit, then only US rotation will be used for the results listing. 2)Simple rotating with no country and group=All vesitors will get the feed rotation in a row.
Grouped result: Ability to show result by grouping from all active feeds
Index results : Ability to index results by bid value
Ability to provide feeds rotation or certain feed(s) to individual feed user
Real time site stats
Real time country groups % stats
Graphyic site click stats
Top Keyword logs
Real time top 15 keyword list on search result page
Real time system log; Ability to see IP, Referral URL(*2), Bid price/credit and User
Graphic site stats(GD support required)
Easy to setup PayPal, Egold and MoneyBookers account for your deposit option(2Checkout coming soon)
Grobal member search
Easy transaction manager for credit and debits
Ability to set email address for contact form, register, and send mail
Ability to set on/off for accepting multiple signups in same IP
Possible to make relationship with your member based site(*)
Advanced statistics for monitor your affiliate activities
Easy to add new pages in HTML
No scripts knowledge required
Ability to download database from admin area
Ability to indexing database from admin area
Member stats(Downline stats, click log, Top keyword log)
News manager in member area
Send mail to all members(choices/Active Only: Suspanded Only: Cheaters Only: )
Ability to set up search link page and portal page
Local advertising listing manegar
Banner rotation manager(unlimited or max impressions)
Account manegar
Ability to set up partner stats for feed provider or receiver
Option to choose "IP limited message" or "Bring visitors to Free search without credit"
Ability to allow search by proxy without UID:
Option to auto or manual activate member signup
Option to auto or manual activate member portal page
Ability to open result site under frame
Ability to open result site in new window
Ability to set keyword in result in bold text
Ability to compress HTML pages
Option for admin login from only admin computer ID
Easy to receive upgrade version from admin area
UNLIMITED future upgrades for lifetime
Payment gateaway(current: PayPal, Egold, and MoneyBookers.)

PPC Member features :

Real time statistics
Real time statistics report by period
Referral stats
Affiliates ready to use affiliate's tool; Search Box, Portal page, referral URL
Ability to block a member and terminate
Send mail system to members HTML or TEXT(send to ALL, Active, Blocked or terminated members)
Easy to make deposit
Payment request system

PPC Feed maneger :

Real time statistics
Ability to rotate as many feeds as you want
Ability to set second feed when feeds in main rotation doesn't have result or listed slower
Ability to set country block(s) for each feeds
Ability to de-active feed when the feed takes specific time you determine
Approximate stats for each feed; site credit and member credit amount
Ability to fix feed stats to keep real stats
Ability to set percentage of you receive from each feed.(for avoiding losing invalid earnings)
Ability to give the certain feed to your feed users
Ability to set feed rotation for out going feed
Ability to see the feed stats by the date period you determine
You can check all site features by logging in the demo site:
Demo account
username = demo,
password = demo

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