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Arrow Olympian Dale Begg-Smith on Geek/Talk - It's a small, small world!

This is unbelievable.

I was just watching Australia's first gold medal win in the Torino Winter Olympics and noticed a name that rang a bell. The gold medal winner of the Men's Moguls event was one Dale Begg-Smith, formerly of Canada.

Since this was our country's first gold of these games, Begg-Smith has been receiving a lot of coverage. One of the most intriguing points that has been mentioned is that he is apparently a self-made IT millionaire. That's when the name started to ring an even louder bell.

Dale, in an interview, mentioned that he has a company that helps companies to manage their ad campaigns. Strangely, he said that his company doesn't have a name or a website, but that it works as a team of programmers in the background. He possibly said this so that the press wouldn't pick up on the fact that his company has attracted a questionable reputation within the marketplace. That's right, our Aussie gold medallist is the same Dale Begg-Smith who used to run The same Dale Begg-Smith who used to be a member of Geek/Talk, before being banned back in 2002.

Here's an earlier thread featuring comments from the soon-to-be superstar:

How funny is that!

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