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I used Burlee last year and had similar complaints.

see my comments here:

I am pretty sure that under Burlee's "unlimited" plan you shouldn't be charged for excess bandwidth (they just throttle it back severly to prevent you from using too much). It's only when you upgrade to one of their other unthrottled plans that they will charge you for excessive bandwidth usage. (If they are really on the unlimited plan they should dispute the charges).

I ended up paying hundreds of dollars for excess bandwidth & disk usage. The excess disk usage was due to the log files for my site - which Burlee wouldn't allow me to delete.

Your friends should cancel their Burlee accounts immediately. Burlee's bandwidth reporting is at least a month behind. By the time you get your first excess bandwidth charge you have probably racked up enough usage to be charged again next month. Six weeks (or more) after I cancelled my Burlee account I received another charge for excess usage.

The whole experience made me sick.

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