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Arrow GEEK/TALK CONTEST: Put your design skills to the test and WIN!

Hello all,

Would you like to trade your talents for cash in Geek/Talk's first ever design contest?

If so, then we've got just the deal for you! Geek/Talk needs some new badges. You need some new gadgets. Together, we're the perfect couple.


Knowing how incredibly talented many of our members are in designing graphics, and knowing just how much you folks put my lame skill set to shame , I'd like to see YOU help to make Geek/Talk just a little more attractive.

What we need are graphical badges for use by our GeekGuides and members of Team/Geek. One of these was designed for the "Contributing Geek" program years ago. It may be seen at the top of this page, for reference:

The new badges need not borrow any elements from that graphic, but they are to suit a similar purpose (appearing under our member names and avatars).


Only Geek/Talk members with posting privileges are able to enter this contest. There is no entry fee.


One lucky winner will be selected in a non-contestable decision made by Team/Geek within days of the contest's conclusion.

That fortunate member will win the choice of either:
1. $100 cash paid via PayPal
2. $100 gift certificate
3. One year's hosting under the "Business Basics" package by GC Host, which is valued at approximately $150. This includes 100MB space, 2GB data transfer and the provision of exceptionally personal service.
4. Four month's advertising placement within the "bottom region"'s text advertising panel on Geek/Talk. This region is outlined here and the placement is valued at $199.80.

(All prices quoted are in $USD. The winner is allowed only one of these options. Options 2-4 are not exchangable, refundable or redeemable for cash.)


Entries will be accepted until midnight (American EST) on 31 July, 2005. A winner will be decided by Team/Geek by 7 August, 2005 at the latest, with the winner's name being announced within this thread as the new designs are rolled into rotation.

The winner's entry will become the copyright property of iOnline Pty Ltd once the winner has chosen his/her reward and has received his/her chosen prize.


1. Administrator/Webmaster
2. Administrator
3. Moderator
4. GeekGuide
5. Geek of the Month

The top three positions make up part of Team/Geek so you may choose to link those three stylistically if you choose.


Format: GIF or JPG. Transparent GIF preferable, as badge should suit both silver and white backgrounds.

Animation: Not essential, but welcome.

Size: No more than 150pix wide, 80pix deep. For reference, the Contributing Geek badge is 113x19.

Weight: <= 5 kb

Colours: Feel free to go crazy, but consider that the scheme selected should harmonize with our logo and the default forum skin (which features a tan background).

Graphical elements: While not essential, you may incorporate our propeller-cap image into the design (feel free to contact me to request a PSD of this if required)


Feel free to contact me with design drafts throughout the process if you'd like casual advice or guidance. Any advice that I give will carry absolutely no weight as far as influencing the contest outcome, but may assist you in deciding which direction to take on certain decisions. Feel free also to post your designs for public critique within this thread. You may modify your drafts until the contest close date, so multiple submissions will be allowed.

This forum does support BB IMG code, so you may feel free to embed images directly into posts you make within this thread. Please also feel free to post questions or comments within this thread if anything is unclear.

Please do not contact any members of Team/Geek other than myself via email or PM, since they will be making the ultimate decision and cannot enter into private correspondence for that reason.


Once you are ready to submit your final entry or entries, please do so via email to:
webmaster [ at ] ionline (dot)

Your submission should include the following:
- Your full name
- Your Geek/Talk username
- All five badges in web-ready GIF or JPG format
- The original artwork file(s) (layered PhotoShop PSD, Fireworks PNG, EPS or similar)

Fine Print: Entries can only be retracted or modified prior to the contest conclusion date. No entries submitted beyond the contest conclusion date will be considered. No monetary compensation will be offered to entries that are not chosen as the winner. Multiple entries may be submitted by the same member, but entrants are ultimately judged on quality and not quantity. Once a winner is selected, the decision will be considered final and no further correspondence will be entered
into. Employees of iOnline Pty Ltd and members of Team/Geek are ineligible to enter this contest. Contest conditions subject to change without notice.


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