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Angry Is my web host a jerk...or am I?

Hi folks,

I could use some feedback on a problem I'm having with my web host. I received this email today:

* * * * *
Mail privileges to have been cancelled to ensure that there will be no more complaints from you against (MY WEB HOST) that bigdancelist was relaying mail to @(MY EMAIL).

Please make alternate arrangements for your mail because as of now any mail sent to ANY name @bigdancelist will bounce back to the sender and will NOT be relayed to @(MY EMAIL) any more.
* * * * *

I wrote back explaining that this must have been an oversight resulting from a complaint registered with Spam Cop, not noticing that the spam contained a reference to my own domain...and neglecting to remove it. I suggested to my web host that a warning first might be appropriate and that I was astonished at his attitude. His response:

* * * * *
You filed a charge that a (MY WEB HOST) client,, relayed spam to @(MY EMAIL) .

Our compliance with the law is instant and automatic. will no longer relay mail. You can request a POP address for and have all bigdancelist mail funnelled into that, however, relaying from to to a (MY EMAIL DOMAIN) address has been cut and will not be re-instated.
* * * * * is one of my domains hosted at (MY WEB HOST). @(MY EMAIL) is my private email addy to which mail sent to my domains is routed by (MY WEB HOST)

Is he for real? Is this reaction and response typical of what most web hosts would do under the circumstances?

What law is he referring to? I'm located in the USA and he's in Canada. Is he required by law to deny this service, even though it was a mistake? Since he is apparently inflexible, is there any other organization to which I can appeal for help?

Anyway, if you web hosts could clue me in as to whether he's just being a jerk or I'm just plain ignorant of the consequences of my stupid mistake I'd appreciate it! And while you're at it, can anyone recommend a web host that:

1) is customer service oriented, 2) reasonably priced, 3) has decent up-time, 4) is warm-blooded?
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