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Arrow IMPORTANT: Forum Rules/Procedures

This Forum is dedicated to discussions about Contextual Advertising and it's negative financial and moral implications which effect all Merchants and Publishers. I'm sure we all know what a Publisher/Webmaster is. A Merchant means any site which sells goods or services. Including the largest proprerties on the Web such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, Amazon, eBay, and more. In short, every site on the web is effected.

Please insure that your Topic title is descriptive. Posts which do not pertain to this Forum's focus will be moved to the appropriate Forum. Any post directly or indirectly related to using/advocating illegal and or unethical measures in combating Contextual Advertising will result in your immediate and permanent banning. No warning will be issued.

Please insure that you do not post any "Adult" links and or gateways to same. In this case, please describe the site but do not post the link.

We think it's healthy and wise to have a diversity of strategies in the fight. Providing, all your efforts are ethical and legal. If your intentions are honorable and you share our passion for this issue I encourage you to post other sites. If your intentions are not honorable, please immediately leave geek/talk and do not return. Any post which appears to be self serving and not in the best interest of the Internet Community will result in your permanent banning. If you aren't sure, please use our BB Feedback Form for help before you post.

Good luck and keep fighting!

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