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Arrow Forum Rules & Procedures

If you are looking for a new virtual/shared Host for your website please include the following data in your post. This procedure will produce better recommendations.

Your budget:
Storage required:
Bandwidth required:
Do you need Telnet/SSH access:
Do you need mySQL:
Do you need php:
Do you need Windows Hosting:
Do you need CGI/Perl:
Special requirements:

Hosts are a valuable addition to our Community. Although our Rules and Posting Guide clearly document the following issues, they still need to be repeated.

Advertising of your hosting services are never permitted. If a Webmaster/Publisher member ask a question about hosting and you are a Host, then you are encouraged to answer this question with meaningful data, which answers the question and helps the member. Responses by Hosts, which are judged to be off topic or are a veiled attempt to “advertise”, will result in our immediate “Abuse Procedures” with respect to your membership in this BB. We do not issue warnings and you will be immediately banned.

We encourage Hosts to create a "special" offer for the geek/talk Community and then make a single post in our Let's Trade/Barter, Buy, Sell Forum. This Forum is the ONLY place on geek/talk where we permit this and each Topic cost $9.95.

We are acutely aware of a very small number of “Hosts” who join geek/talk and then extol the virtues of their own Hosting services by masquerading as a Webmaster/Publisher member. Please insure that your profile and your signature indicate exactly who you are. If we catch any “Host” member masquerading as a Webmaster/Publisher member and talking about his or her own Hosting plans, we will immediately ban you from geek/talk and lodge formal abuse complaints with numerous third parties. No warning will be issued.

Good Luck

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