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Unhappy Are you buying traffic? Need quotes for E-Book


I'm putting finishing touching on an E-Book, title "Buying Traffic for Pennies"

E-Book is aimed at small/home business and webmasters. This e-book is not for multi-million dollar companies.

I need relevant quotes from people, to use in the E-Book. I am looking for quotes relating to buying traffic from any of the following

- pay-per-click placement engines, other than Goto - example: RocketLinks, FindWhat, etc.
- buying clicks on an affiliate network, example: you have your own Pay-per-click program managed by you
- buying traffic from other sources, like lottos or clickthru or whatever

The quote should try include

Where you bought traffic.
When you did it.
How much you paid total and per-visitor.
Were the results good or bad
A general (not necessarily detailed or exact URL) description of where you sent it, and whether it worked for you or not.
I also need your full name, company name, and URL

You do not get any monetary compensation for this.

Here is a sample of the type of thing I want (please don't edit, start your version from scratch)

"I tried to buy traffic at XYZSEARCHABC.COM in since Summer of 1999. I opened a bidding account on 25 keywords, paying $0.01 per click. Unfortunately XYZSEARCHABC.COM hasn't send me quite as much traffic as I hoped for... I have had around an extra 1,000 visitors over a year, so it's cost me just $10. I'm happy with it, but would have loved to had more, but I do reckon it's helped me sell about 10-20 extra orders, which at $100 per order is a sizeable profit and a great ROI." -- John Doe,

You can obviously use the information you use anywhere else you like, but please do not re-use the exact quote anywhere else.


- free publicity, possibly quite considerable as I expect a lot of copies of this E-Book to be in circulation very quickly - but no guarantees

- a free copy of the E-Book when it's done. There is some good info in there I think, even if you know you're stuff already

- possibly, but not guaranteed, you may get reprint rights to the E-Book too.

Isn't it worth 10 minutes of your time? for this.

E-mail me, Sunil Tanna, your quote, The E-Book will be featured on two new sites, as well as

Post questions here if you like...

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