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Question A lot of dedicated servers!

Since I am opening a ad network soon, I will need atleast 3 redundant dedicated servers... I am looking at not paying more than 250/month for each and each must have 256 mb ram (512 preferable), 20 gig hd, linux red hat (good server admin, like plesk) and 150 gig bandwidth each, cheap extra bandwidth. Anyone know of a place that can offer this? I know if you lease servers in bulk you get them cheaper, and so far I have gotten a good 150 million publisher impressions signed up and I am tryign to limit my script and the server to just around 50 million impressions/month each.

Also anyone here who has a ad network I have a question do you place the advertisers images on your server or theres, and if on your server do you charge the advertiser for the bandwidth? Also does anyone have a good contract from ad rep to advertiser? My lawyer is making me one, but I want to go over it with him and atleast have a good example.

Well please let me know if you know of dedicated host like that or if you can answer my questions about advertising...

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