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well i think you have some bloated pages if 65,000 page views generated 18GB of bandwidth - that's like 290kb per page !!!

it's times like theses i wish my site and was up and running

first suggestion is optimising your pages and graphics through the use of and

second suggestion (just learnt this the other day) - minimise the byte size of your main entry page to your site and most visited top 2 - 5 pages of your site. Alot of visitors don't get past the first page or bookmarked page of your site so reducing the size of your main page reduces your bandwidth bill alot.

for graphics optimisation look at Ulead Smart Saver Pro great utility

Also check your server logs to see if your images are being hotlinked. If they are setting up a mod rewrite or changing the image location should reduce your bandwidth.

As to high bandwidth hosts - i am not sure, but starting sometime today will have a special for christmas until Dec 24th, 2000

for the virtual hosting plans an extra 50% period on payments - i.e. pay monthly and pay and get 45 days of service, pay 6 months and get 9 months service and their highest plan has 40GB/month and php4/mysql but on a RaQ4 server

or does have a dedicated server special for US$99/month for a Raq3, 32mb 10gb hdd with 100GB/month - it should be listed on their site sometime today or this week.

just to note a raq3 is on a AMD 300 processor whereas the virtual host plans are on a raq4 - AMD 450 cpu.

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