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Unhappy High bandwidth hosting questions

I am running a non-profit site that is pulling 50 gigs of bandwidth a month...and will soon be increasing tenfold if new desired additions are made. Currently I'm only using a few gigs of storage space, but again, if these new additions are made, I'm looking at needing a hundred gigs of storage in no time. A few questions:

#1 Although what I need to do is have a dedicated server, has anyone here found any GOOD virtual webhosting with extremely high storage capacity and high bandwidth allotments without breaking the pocketbook? (Remember, this is a non-profit site. I'm not even running any banner ads.)

#2 I have already built and had running for a good stretch of time my own dedicated server (with a friend's help who is a UNIX geek). It was co-located at a place near me in Denver, but out of nowhere they called me and told me they were going to start charging me bandwidth overages and my first month's surprise bill was going to be $3000. Needless to say, I pulled the server and am back to hosting my site on ****py, slow virtual servers. If this senario is followed and I fire up my own server again, does anyone know of any GOOD co-location houses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that won't kill me with bandwidth charges? (I am moving there in 2 months.)

#3 Sure I've probably gone mad here, but what would it cost to have a T1 or T3 line installed at my home? I am not in a DSL coverage area if that makes any difference (although I understand I didn't miss it by too much). I'm sure the installation won't be cheap, but could someone give me very rough ballpark dollar figures for an installation and guesstimate monthly charges? My thought was if the monthly charges wouldn't be outrageous, that perhaps I could provide some co-location or high storage virtual server services to offset the costs with true unlimited bandwidth at a reasonable price for others in similar positions as I am in. I wouldn't offer any tape backups and of course, wouldn't have anything more than UPS backups for power outages, but if someone had this sort of setup around currently, I would personally JUMP on it, as my site is not "mission critical" and if once in a blue moon it went down from a power outage, no biggie. I'm not looking to make money on this, just to keep from losing money.


(Webmaster, I don't "think" that this post is against forum rules, but if it is and I have misunderstood, please delete the topic.)
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